Sunday, December 31, 2017

Activity 2: Setting Sail

Activity 2: Setting Sail

This activity I have to pretend that I am writing a letter to a friend saying that I am going to New Zealand on a Waka.

Hi friend
Today I am going to go to New Zealand on a Waka. I am nervous because the boat could tip but I am excited because I am going to a new country also I am sad because I am leaving my house and friends. I have never been on a Waka and I hope that the water will be calm. I wonder if there will as many trees as there is here also if there will be many people there already. It will be weird because I will not be able to take much over.
I will miss you.

from Jess

Summer Learning jouney

I am doing the summer learning journey and this is three facts that I learnt about Maui. The first fact is that Maui dreamed that he could go fishing with his brothers.  Each time that his brothers would return he would ask to go but they would make a excuse so he couldn't come. Another fact, one day he hid in the Waka and surprised his brothers.   His brothers were wondering why it was heavy. Fact three, he wanted to show his brothers that he could fish so he put some blood on the end of his rod and caught a big fish and everyone thought he was the best fishermen ever.