Friday, September 27, 2019

My Mihi

Baking Apple Crumble

Today we baked some apple crumble. First we peeled the apples then sliced
them into wedges. Then we put them in a bowl with water and put them in the
microwave for 15 minutes. 15 minutes later we put them in an oven proof tray
and sprinkled some brown sugar over it. Next we made the crumble. Then we
sprinkled a little bit of brown sugar over it again. After that we cooked the
apple crumble for 40 minutes until it was done. We served it will some ice
cream. We made the perfect amount and I think that most people liked it .Mr
Fogarty said that is was very nice and we did a good job.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Moment in time of School Camp

Swish Splash Splat! Down I go! Legs in the air snow everywhere. I pick
myself up sloppily and gaze over the amazing view. Johanna asks if I ́m ok
and I yell back  ̈I'm ok, how about you?¨  

The Adrenaline pulses throughout my body. The sun beams above my helmet.
  As other way more experents people fly past me as I slide from left to right to
slow myself down, I feel the wind from them hit me. As the smile beams across
my face from ear to ear I wave back to Mrs T. 

As I get closer to the end I watch Eric taking photos of me. I try to cover my
face but he yells, ̈I still got the photo ̈ I sigh. I scroll my eye up the chair lift that
I was recently on and then gaze over to the bulky mountain that I just
conquered, except when I run into Johanna. I say to myself ̈that was
awesome, I want to go again. ̈

The end

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Baking Pizza

Last week we baked pizza with another group. We ended up making 9 and that
was enough for 3 slices per person in Room 1 and one for Room 2. There were
also 2 pizzas for the teachers. I think that it was a hit because everyone liked
the pizzas and weren't too fussy on what they were eating. It was Autumn, Jack
C, Kaylee And Jensen who were in the group but unfortunately Jensen wasn't
there that day. Next week I am on school camp so Priya will have to take the
group. The most popular topping was Pineapple.
Here is a photo of the pizzas:

Monday, September 9, 2019

Baking Wedges

Last Thursday Priya and I took another group to bake some wedges. 
There aren't many steps for making wedges we decided to make some bags to
put them in, just like at shops. We ended up making 5 trays full and it was
enough for everyone in the school to get a bag. We first cut the potatoes up that
we took our school garden. While the older kids cut the potatoes they younger
people got taught to make paper bags. Next the younger kids laid the potatoes
out on the tray evenly so there were none on top of each other. They rolled
some oil and spices in the potatoes then they laid them out again.The older kids
were making bags. Finally we put them in the oven to cook.
James says that the wedges were good but the sweet chilly could have been a
bit hotter but the sour cream was nice.
Keilah thinks they were nice and she liked the flavour of them.
Here is a photo of the wedges:

Thursday, September 5, 2019


A couple of weeks ago I decided that I wanted to do some baking. I wrote a letter to the teacher and
Mrs Dodds said that it was a good idea. Priya  and I have been organising what we bake each week
and what we need. Before we started we needed to find out who has food allergies so we knew the
food was safe for everyone. 

The first week Priya and I made waffles with one group from the senior class and the junior class. The
week after that we made banana and chocolate chip muffins they were a blast; we ended up making
sixty of them. This is the third week and we are making wedges. The potatoes will come from our
school garden. 

Each group gets one turn at making something and we might continue next term as well.

Here is a photo of what we baked last week.