Friday, June 30, 2017

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is in the pacific. It is 1600 kms north-east Australia.The capital is Honiara and the solomon islands is surrounded by sea and volcanic islands.  There are 606,215 people in the Solomon Islands and there are 70 different languages the predominant is Pijin.

In the Solomon Islands some of their traditional foods are fish, sweet potatoes, taro roots and cassava. Taro and cassava  look very similar they both look like potatoes.

Some of their favourite sports are football, futsal and beach soccer.  Futsal is an inside soccer game. The Futsal team has been successful in the last couple of years.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Maths DLO

Here is my link. Copy and paste to see my learning

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Persuasive Writing

We have been learning how to structure a piece of persuasive writing.  We learnt about stating our position in the introduction, putting our three reasons in the main part of our writing and then summing it up in the conclusion.

Here is my first attempt at a piece of persuasive writing:

I think we should have some more science at lunch.

At lunch time at Kumara School we get bored so I am asking if we can do some science.

Firstly science is another learning thing. We do not do enough at Kumara School so we won't be ready for high School.

Secondly science can help you in life because if we get asked some questions we know how to answer them.

Lastly science is heaps of fun and we can do it at home.

Kumara School would appreciate it if you could let us have science at lunchtimes.  It is another learning thing and it can help you in life also it is heaps of fun.