Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

I have been learning about personification. That mean when you pretend an object is doing something that only a person can do.
Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

WALT: describe an item using personification

We will know we can do this when we use a personification to describe the clouds OR to describe what the clouds are doing.

SELF ASSESSMENT:  I have included a personification in my writing
My buddy has /has not checked that I have done this

The house pounces on the clouds. The sky sprint away from the house. The boys stare across the candy floss clouded. He just want to eat them! He feet like pouncing off one to another.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Gender Of People In The Class

We have been learning about genes  so In maths we did a graph of the class genes.


We have been reading a book in class that is called Wonder by R.J Palacio. It is about a boy that was deformed in the face and he was going to school. This is my poster about Wonder.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Why you should lock things online And offline.

Why you should lock things online And offline.

I think that you should lock thinks because:

Lock thing online:

You should use a password so no one can get on laptope.YOu need a strong password that no one can guess like with some capital letters and numbers not a name.

Lock think offline:

You can lock cars with a key or a remote. A bike with a chain. Lock a safe. lock a house. You should lock things so no one can steal or break it.

So that is why you should always lock things online and offline.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Bridge Valley Camp

Bridge Valley Camp
Day 1  of camp:
On Tuesday we drove up to Camp. It was a long trip but we got there. On the way we got two flat tyres they went flat as a balloon, the first one was on Lase’s car and the other was on Ben’s trailer. I was excited for the rock climbing.

Day 2 of camp:
This is my 4th time at Bridge  Valley Camp. This camp is different to Hammer because we had different activities. One of my favourite activities was on Thursday it  was the cave/abseiling.I was the first to do it in my group.

Day 3 of camp:
Today I was a bit nervous about camp but not to nervous because I have been 3 times before.Today my favourite thing was rock climbing. I reached  the top on both of the walls. I was proud of myself because I was the only one in my school that achieved this.

Day 4 of camp:
My favourite experience at camp was the rock climbing and the abseiling. I will miss the great activities at camp but I will probably will be there next year. I really enjoyed doing the activities  with Q and Jamie. I can not wait to see Mum.

From Jess                                                                      
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Camp 2017

Last week on Tuesday we had a school camp at bridge valley. One of my favourite thing was the flying fox. I will tell you more about it: