Tuesday, October 16, 2018

descriptive writing

We were learning to write a descriptive piece of writing in a moment in time.

‘Ding dong!’
‘That’s my call’ I whisper to myself as I step on the the dance floor in the theatre royal at the start of the holidays.

All I hear is the crowd screaming my name and cheering. I'm shaking I’m so nervous I just want to run away but In my body I am jumping up and down I’m that excited. I could hear my breath and my footsteps as run on stage. I can taste my salty sweet and see bright lights.The sound of my heart pounding take over the crowd like thunder in a storm I get ready for the first move and say to myself  have fun that it will be over soon.

‘Here I go,’ I think to myself excitedly.’

Thursday, August 16, 2018

First hockey tournament this year

2 weeks ago I had a hockey tournament. I play for the west coast hockey team. We were playing Buller and it was a sunny day. We beat them 9.0 it was a good game. This was our first tournament for this year. In this photo I was going to tackle the person from the other team. I had lots of fun.

the biscuits were good

     The biscuits were good

I see something that is golden and has chocolate chips in it coming in a dish towards me I Licked my lips I smell the chocolate chips.A smile spreads across my face and I say under my breath “hurry up Mum I want to eat them”. My mouth drops and tears of joy full from my eyes and my heart pound. The crunch of it going in my mouth is like thunder. It taste amazing I feel like it I am in heaven I Feel It filling my tummy. It is a dish of delicious biscuit.

Monday, August 6, 2018

show don't tell amazing writing

We are learning to show don't tell in our writing.
I found it challenging to write a lot.  I liked to write this because I could say how  I would feel if it was me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

descriptive writing

WALT: write descriptive writing.

I popped off the beam when my legs split apart upside down in
the air the crowd go silent to wait for the result if I succeed.
I watch the bar as I lineup where my feet are supposed to land.
My feet touch the ground of the beam. The crowd goes wild.
I feel my heart race as I leap into the next move.