Tuesday, October 16, 2018

descriptive writing

We were learning to write a descriptive piece of writing in a moment in time.

‘Ding dong!’
‘That’s my call’ I whisper to myself as I step on the the dance floor in the theatre royal at the start of the holidays.

All I hear is the crowd screaming my name and cheering. I'm shaking I’m so nervous I just want to run away but In my body I am jumping up and down I’m that excited. I could hear my breath and my footsteps as run on stage. I can taste my salty sweet and see bright lights.The sound of my heart pounding take over the crowd like thunder in a storm I get ready for the first move and say to myself  have fun that it will be over soon.

‘Here I go,’ I think to myself excitedly.’

Thursday, August 16, 2018

First hockey tournament this year

2 weeks ago I had a hockey tournament. I play for the west coast hockey team. We were playing Buller and it was a sunny day. We beat them 9.0 it was a good game. This was our first tournament for this year. In this photo I was going to tackle the person from the other team. I had lots of fun.

the biscuits were good

     The biscuits were good

I see something that is golden and has chocolate chips in it coming in a dish towards me I Licked my lips I smell the chocolate chips.A smile spreads across my face and I say under my breath “hurry up Mum I want to eat them”. My mouth drops and tears of joy full from my eyes and my heart pound. The crunch of it going in my mouth is like thunder. It taste amazing I feel like it I am in heaven I Feel It filling my tummy. It is a dish of delicious biscuit.

Monday, August 6, 2018

show don't tell amazing writing

We are learning to show don't tell in our writing.
I found it challenging to write a lot.  I liked to write this because I could say how  I would feel if it was me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

descriptive writing

WALT: write descriptive writing.

I popped off the beam when my legs split apart upside down in
the air the crowd go silent to wait for the result if I succeed.
I watch the bar as I lineup where my feet are supposed to land.
My feet touch the ground of the beam. The crowd goes wild.
I feel my heart race as I leap into the next move.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Time Line

We were learning to write a time line.

Information report

We were learning how to write a good paragraph.

Imaginary Planet Information ReportUse your planning from earlier in the week to sort your ideas into paragraphs. You may add the heading in a blue box after discussing with the teacher.

Overview (introduction)

Made of candy
Bigger than Jupiter
In our solar system

Topic sentence
Candy-land is in our solar system.

Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)

Candyland is bigger than jupiter
Candy-land is all made of candy.
This planet looks and taste different than Earth. It also has unique animals and its problems are different than those we experience on Earth.



tree trunk licorice grow money
Rivers rainbow coloured
Chocolate fish
Rivers melted chocolate

Topic sentence

Candy-land looks very weird.

Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)

The tree trunks are made of lirorice and the tops are made of candy floss and they make money.
The rivers are rainbow coloured and they are melted chocolate there are chocolate fish that swim in the river\ sideways.

Eat house holes rain (fruit burst) come in house
Rain fruit burst 10 days a month
never leave
Topic sentence
Candy-land taste very interesting. 

Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)
Candy-land is strange because it rains fruit bust 10 days a month. 
The aliens eat holes in the roof of other people house and so the rain comes in.
People never leave because they love the taste so it is always growing in the number of people.

Living Creatures

Light blue
One eye blink every 10 min
8 legs
4 arms
No tail

Topic sentence
The aliens on Candy-land aren’t like any other alien.

Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)

These alien have one massive eye on their forehead which blinks every 10 minutes.
They have 8 legs like an octopus and 4 arms but they have no tail.
There body is light blue but they are very nice.



Sugar rush have to limit it
Eat everything until nothing left
Hales tic tac and rain fruit burst

Topic sentence
There are lots of problems on candy-land.

Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)
One problem on candy-land is that when it rains
Fruit burst come down even worst when it hales tic tacs come down.
If people keep on eating everything there will be nothing left.
Because of the people eating everything they get sugar rush so they will have to limit it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Space Community

                                           We were making a space community on Mars in my group there was Maliah, Kyle and I. We made a sport could Btennaocky. it is basketball, tennis and hockey put together.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


We were learning to describe some of the characteristics and features of the different components of the solar system and to write topic sentences.


Jupiter is a planet in our solar system. It has no life on it. It is the fifth planet from the sun.

Jupiter orbits the sun. It travels around the sun at an average of 294509952 km. It takes twelve years for Jupiter orbit the sun. One year on Jupiter is twelve Earth years.

The size of Jupiter. Jupiter is the biggest planets in our whole Solar System. Jupiter has a red spot which is a storm called The Red Spot it can fit 2 Earths in it. Jupiter is so big the weight is 10-15 times the weight of Earths. Jupiter is made of liquid.

The end!:)

Friday, April 13, 2018

Maths dlo

I was learning to solve division problems with remainders using halving.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sophie pascoe

I was learning to find information by skimming and scanning.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wake up

We have bean learning to write a descriptive piece of writing and my goal was to use
speech marks and complex sentence.

Wake Up
Flick! On goes the lights. Zip Zip! There goes my curtains. “Too early” I say to myself. “Go
away mum”. “Wake me up on Saturday.” I’m sick “cofe cofe”

I feel like I had stayed up for 2 days and it is time to go to sleep. I stretch my hands above me
and feel my heir. It is a birds nest. I can not feel from my hips down to my toes But I can feel the
warmth coming from my dog and the blankets covering me.

As dad steps in I hide my face but he is not dumb dad says “get out of bed”.

I open and close my eyes and see the blere of light and turn my head and look out my window
and see tree. It was very dark.

Mum comes in again and yells “it has been five minutes get up.”

So I officially push my covers off and walk to the lounge like a ghost.

“Do I have to go to school?"

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Viking Ships

At Kumara School we are learning about explorers and we looked a long time back when there was Vikings we had a competition to see how could make the best viking ship and this is the one that my group made.

They had to have:

  • flat bottom
  • brightly coloured sail in the center
  • Dragon head and tail
  • Paddles
  • neatly done and creatively designed

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Day 2: Peace Out! (The 1960s)

Week 3 Day 2: Peace Out! (The 1960s)

Activity 1: The Dawn of Television

This is one I missed.

I have to say what is my favourite television show at the moment? On my blog tell you about my favourite television show. What is it about? Who are the main characters? What channel is it on?

My favourite TV show is Heartland. The main characters are Amy and Lou, who are sisters. Tim the Dad and Jack the Grandpa. Lou's daughter Katie and their adopted daughter Georgie. Amy has a daughter who is called Lindy. Amy's husband is called Ty.

It is about this family that live on a ranch with lots of horses. Amy gets called Miracle Girl because every horse that has a problem she can fix it. They go on lots of adventures, like going to Mongolia which is where Ty went to save some bears that are endangered. Ty works as a vet.

I like how Amy is so good with horses and that the horses are so cute. It has lots of drama and I like watching it when its exciting like the episode they had a fire at a different ranch.
This series is not on TV, it is on Netflix. I watch it a lot I am up to the latest ones and it comes out once a week I am up to season 11 episode 12. I wish it came out more often.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bonus Activity: Blade Runner 2049

last one Week 4 day 5 Bonus Activity: Blade Runner 2049

This one I have to say what New Zealand will be like in (80 – 90 years from now). What kind of houses will people live in? What will they eat? Where will they work?

I think that in the future people will have lion for pets.
Another thing that people will live in mansion I think that everything will cost less.
I think that there will be a lot more people in New Zealand.
I think that the money will look different.
I think that there will be electric cars.
I think that there will be better phones like iPhone 20.
Maybe someone will invent a robot that can talk.

Activity 2: Flying Cars

Week 4 day 5 Activity 2: Flying Cars

If my parents were buying me any car that I could chose out of these three car what one would I chose.

I would chose the one on the end the flying car.
I would chose it because the other do not look that different to now.
I would chose it because it looks different.
I would chose it because I could fly it to school.
I would chose it because I would not have to pay lots of money to go on a plane.
I would chose it because I could fly to a mountain.

Day 5: Looking into the Future

Week 4 Day 5: Looking into the Future
Activity 1: Your Future Self

This one I have to say what I would like to do when I have finish school? Would I like to work in a specific job? Would I like to study at university? What would I study? Maybe I'd even like to move overseas. Share your thoughts and ideas on your blog site. There are no wrong answers!

In the future when I finish high school I will probably be a farmer. I live on a farm and I love it so that is why but before I do that I might travel around the world and go to England and Paris. I am not shore yet if I will go to university. If I when to university I would probably study farming.

Bonus Activity: Singing a Different Tune

Week 4 day 4 Bonus Activity: Singing a Different Tune

This one I have to Think of your favourite song. Share the name of the song, the name of the person who wrote the song and the lyrics from the song on your blog. You must type the lyrics not cut and paste them in order to earn full points for the activity.

I like country music but I do not now what my favourite song is I will probably say speak to a girl from Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill.

Here is a link

Here are the lyrics

She don't give a damn 'bout your Benjamin Franklin's, she want's Aretha
She don't really care how you spending your money, it's all how you treat her
She just want a friend to be there when she opens here eye's in the morning
She just wants you to say what you mean and mean everything that you're saying

'Cause that's how you talk to a women, that's how you speck to a girl
That's how you get with the lady who's worth more then anything in the whole world
You better respect your mama, respect the hell out of her
'Cause that's how you talk to a women, that's haw you speck to a girl

She don't give a damn 'bout your pride or lies that you're hiding behind
She just wanna fell that your real, that she's near to the men that's inside
She don't need to hear she a queen on the throne, that's she's more then amazing
She just wants you to say what you mean and then everything that you're saying

'Cause that's how you talk to a women that's how you speck to a girl
That's how you get with the lady who's worth more then anything in the whole world
you better respect you mama, respect the hell out of her
'Case that's how you talk to a women, that's how you speck to a girl

That's how you speck to, speck to her
That's how you speck to, speck to her

'Cause that's how you speck to a women that's how you speck to a girl
That's how you get the lady's who's worth more then anything in the whole world
You better respect your mama, respect the hell out of her
'Cause that's how you speck to a women that's how you speck to a girl
That's how you speck to a women, that's hoe you speck to a girl.

Here is a photo of  Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill.

Activity 2: Country Calendar

Week 4 Activity 2: Country Calendar

This one I have to say what do I think would be the most interesting and/or challenging things about being a farmer? Would I would like to be a farmer when I are older. Why/why not? Give you, at least, two reasons to support my answer.

I live on a dairy farm so I think that the most challenging thing would be to get up at 5:30 everyday. I think if you lived on a farm of fruit it would be hard to pick the fruit and they would need to invent something that could do it for you. I would like to be a farmer when I grow up because my mum and dad are, and I know lots about farming I really like that I do not have neighbour close so I can tern up the music really loud. Another reason why I would like to be a farmer is that I love it when it is caving season because I can help dad on the farm and have a pet calf there are so cute.

Day 4: Contemporary Entertainment

Week 4 Day 4: Contemporary Entertainment
Activity 1: Moana

This one I have to watch a trailer of Moana. I have to say write a summery of the trailer and say my favourite part! Tell you as much as I can about the movie. What is it about? Who are the main characters in the movie? What do they do in the movie? Where do they go?

The main of characters the movie are Moana and Maui. Moana has a dream to go to the sea but her family does not agree. She is special because the sea chose her. So she dose not do what her parents say and she takes off to the sea. She goes to fined Maui he was a legend from the sea. He had a hook that he could tern into anything. Moana finds Mani and asks if he could help her go on the journey to fight the fire monster and coconut monsters. Maui lost his hook so he did not wont to but he finely agree to help, he has lots of tattoos that can move, then they head to the sea. They fight the coconut monster and the fire monster. In the end they win and everyone from the island can go to the sea.

The End.
I have seen this movie before I really liked it I can not think of my favourite part because I liked it all.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Bonus Activity: Modern Learning Environments

Week 4 Bonus Activity: Modern Learning Environments

This one I have to designed a classroom

At the top there is the door and the teachers table.I like to have a couch also a big white bard so the teacher can write what we are doing for the day on it. I like a mat area that we can sit at when the teacher is telling us what to do and writing it up on the bard also we can spin around and look at the TV. I would not mind where the desk go maybe some were we can see the white bard and the TV. I like same nice furniture like coshes that we have at school that we sit on at mat time I did not now how to draw them so I did not put then on my picture.

Here is the photo of my classroom.

Activity 2: Migration

Activity 2: Migration

This one I have to say three things that you could do on the West Cost and what I like the most.
I live in Taramakau Settlement on a farm. The Settlement is small but has lots of farms in it. I go to Kumara School. There is only 33 kids at school. I like that I live on a farm because when the caves are born I help Mum and Dad.

  • One thing that you could do is go to Punakaiki and see the pancake rocks. I have been there lots of times.
  • Another thing that you could do at Punakaiki is go on a bush walk. I love going on bush walk. A couple of weeks ago I walked up Mt Gorge,I did it in 40 minniets.
  • Another thing that you can do is go to the movies. I love to go to the movies. There are lots of different things that you can watch.

They are three things that I love to do on the West Cost.

Here are some photo of Taramakau Settlement were I live and me on top of Mt Gorge.

Day 3: Social Systems

Week 4 Day 3: Social Systems

Activity 1: Mixed-Member Proportional (MMP)

This one I have to form a coalition government and say 2 people that you do it with.

If I had to form a coalition government I would do it with my mum Andrea. She would be very smart and kind.
The other person would be my sister Mikayla she is so nice and she can think of lots of different ideas.
I think that we would be a good team and we would be good at making decisions.
I think that a  coalition government would be hard but it would be fun.

Bonus Activity: Shake it Off

Bonus Activity: Shake it Off
This one you have to look at a dance and write what country did it originate from? Who originally created it?
  1. Even though Salsa was originally created in Cuba it became very popular when it was played in North America on radios in the early 1920's.
  2. Salsa dance was the most popular in the 1970's in America.
  3. Salsa is a type of dance that was a mix of a lot of other types of dancing.  It all came together with many different people from different countries moving to Cuba.  Lots of dancing styles combined with fast music to form 'Salsa'.

here is a link to a video I found of salsa dancing:

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Activity 2: Sporting Heroes

week 4 Activity 2: Sporting Heroes

This one I have to say my sporting hero.

My sporting hero is my dance teacher, her name is Emma. She is my sports hero because she is a really good dancer and she is so nice I have danced with her for about 5 years. She has taught me lots. 2 times a year I dance on the stage in Greymouth.

Here is a photo of Emma
 Here is a photo of me doing a leg hold on top of mt George.

Day 2: A Decade of Sport

Week 4 Day 2: A Decade of Sport
Activity 1: Chasing Great
This one I have to tell you three things that I learned about Richie that I did not know beforehand and what I would like to now about him?

  1. He was the first all black to get 100 test 2011 and by the end of 2014 he had played 137 tests.
  2. He was the captain of the all blacks and won 51 test out of 58.
  3. He now has a full time job as a helicopter pilot in Christchurch.

I would like to know if he still misses rugby and does he have a lot of friends that he played rugby with?
Why did he want to learn how to fly helicopters and has he always wanted to do this? What are his main jobs with the helicopter? Does he rescue people or take people for flights or something else?

Bonus Activity: The Rise of the ‘Selfie’

Bonus Activity: The Rise of the ‘Selfie’
This one I have to take a selfie of me hobbies or one your favourite things.

Here is a selfie of me with my dog I sleep with him at night. His name is Wal and he is 7 years old. I love to play tug-a-war with him. He is a Miniature Foxy.

Activity 2: Lord of the Rings

Activity 2: Lord of the Rings

In this activity I get $300 million given to me. How would I spend it?

I would buy a batch in Hanmer Springs because I love spending time there with my family.
I would buy a flash new car for when I am older and can drive.
I would put a swimming pool up at our house because this summer is really hot and we love swimming.
I would give my family some money to spend.
I would buy a Newfoundland dog because they are so cute and big and I love dogs.
I would buy myself a phone because I do not have one.
I would go to Fiji with my family for 2 weeks, I have been there before and I loved it.
I would travel around the world.
I would give some to charity, perhaps the Cancer society. Lots of people get cancer and so they probably always need money to help.
I would save some for later in life.

Day 1: Turn of the Century (2000-2010)

Week 4 Day 1: Turn of the Century (2000-2010)

Activity 1:  Celebrating a Win

This one tell us what you and your family do to celebrate special events, such as birthdays.

At my birthday we have cake for breakfast and then we open our presents. I have friends over also we have pudding after tea. At Christmas we go to my family's house. We do not really have a tradition for birthdays or Christmas because ever year we go somewhere different. Some birthdays we are away in places like Hanmer Springs. We go to the beach, or lake. Sometimes we go to the park or movies.
We have lots of family and so at Christmas we end up having a lot of days celebrating with all the different family groups. We do different things with the different families but they are all fun.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Bonus Activity: You Have to Pay to Play

Bonus Activity: You Have to Pay to Play

This one you have to say if you think that people should have to pay for university

I think that they should pay for university but not as much as they are paying.I think that paying thousands of dollars to attend university is crazy! But they should pay for some of it. People will not go to university if they have to pay thousands of dollars. If the student did not pay than the people would not make money.

Week 3 Day 5

Leading New Zealand
Week 3, Day 5 (Bonus Activity)

Name of Prime Minister: Jenny Shipley
Date of Birth: 4 February 1952 (age 65)
Political Party: National  
Number of Years as Prime Minister: 3 years  from 1997 to 1999.
Three interesting facts about my chosen Prime Minister:

  1. 36 Prime Minister of New Zealand.  She was not elected prime minister in a general election.  
  2. She became Prime minister when her party voted her in when Jim Bolger resigned as prime minister.
  3. She was born in Gore and grow up in Christchurch then became a teacher before politics.

Day 5: Maintaining the Status Quo (The 1990’s)

Day 5: Maintaining the Status Quo (The 1990’s)

Activity 1: Hiking Tongariro

This one I have to list 5 items that I would tack for a hike over the Tongariro crossing and how to stay safe while you’re hiking.

  • Food
  • water
  • hat sunsrean
  • fist aid kit
  • warm clothes

1. Plan your trip

You should always plan your trip and estimate when you will get back.

2. Tell someone

you should tell some one before you go so if you get hurt and you are not back then they will know.

3. Be aware of the weather

The weather can change so always check the weather forecast.

4. Know your limits

If you are not fit enough then do not go on the tramp.

5. Take sufficient supplies

Make sure you have enough food, clothing, equipment and emergency rations for the worst-case scenario. So if something bad happened you would have all the stuff.

Bonus Activity: The 4 O’Clock News

Bonus Activity: The 4 O’Clock News

I have to choose someone to interview and decide what I would ask them.

If I had to interview anyone I would interview tony Kokshorn he is the mayor of Graymouth.

I would ask him what it is like to be a mayor?
How long he has bean the mayor for?
How many meetings he had to go to in a week?
Did he go to school for meetings?


Activity 2: The Big ‘OE’

Activity 2: The Big ‘OE’
This one I have to pretend that I am fishing high school and going on a big OE trip and say were I would go and 3 thing I would like to do there
I would like to go to Paris to see

The Eiffel tower
arc de triomphe
Notre-Dame de Paris 

I was not shore were to go but I though that the Eiffel tower would be cool so I sad Paris.

Day 4: Perms and Lycra (The 1980’s)

Day 4: Perms and Lycra (The 1980’s)

For this activity I have to finish the rest of the story.

“Out of the gate and off for a walk went Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy…”

He is going for his daily walk to the dog park.  Hairy smells lots of smells at the dog park and looks across the field and sees Wal - his bestest friend from school that he hasn't seen for years.  They run up to each other and do their secret handshake.  Hairy Maclary says "What have you been up to Wal?"
Wal says "I am living in a palace with the queen.  I am one of her corgi's.  I am her favourite corgi."
Hairy says "Coooool!"
Wal says "I know right!"
Hairy asks Wal "Do you want to come to my place?"
Wal answers "OK, but I will have to bring my pup Cashew.  He is very cute.  Is that alright with you?"
"No problem, I would love to meet Cashew" replies Hairy Maclary.
"Here he comes" says Wal.  Cashew comes running up to Wal and Hairy and says "Who's this?"
Wal answers "This is my mate from high school.  We use to be in the same class.We use to play tug-o-war together at breaks."
"C'mon, lets go to my house" says Hairy Maclary.
"Why are we going to his house?" asked Cashew.
"To stay the night" replied Wal.
"Yay!" Cashew yelled, "where do you live?"
"Just a couple of blocks away" Hairy pointed in the direction of his house.  "Race you there" Hairy yelled!
They all sprinted their hearts out chasing each other.  Cashew was way behind the others.  Hairy and Wal stopped for a break and meet a cat called Anzac and his friend Zippy.  They were nice cats so they chatted a while.  Then..... Zoooom! Cashew flies past like lightning.  Hairy yells "Run!!!"
Wal yells "Bye Anzac and Zippy" as he chases after Cashew and Hairy.
They all end up at Hairys house at the same time and argue who won the race.  Yapping and laughing they go inside for a drink of water.
Wal and Cashew have a great time at Hairy's house and later that day go home to the palace.
As Hairy snuggled into bed that night he had a big smile on his face because he had a great day with his friends.

Bonus Activity: A Bilingual Schooling System

Week 3 Bonus Activity: A Bilingual Schooling System

Dear Miss Hygate

Can Kumara School please have a school pet.

I think that we should have a school pet because pets are so cute. Maybe we could have a dog or a rabbit, maybe some chickens.
If we had chickens we could feed them our food scraps and we could get some eggs from them.
Rabbits are adorable and fluffy.
Everybody loves dogs.
It would teach us how to look after animals and how to be responsible for them.
We can fundraise for the pet by having mufti days and P.J days.
We could research how to look after the pet or ask people.

Yours sincerely