Thursday, January 10, 2019

SLJ W3 D5 A3

Week 3
Day 5
Activity 3: Let It Rain [10 points]

Today I have to imagine that New Zealand was hit by a massive acid rain storm. Acidic rain fell
for three days and three nights. When the rain fell, I stayed inside with my friends and family.
When it stopped, however, me and my family decided to go for a walk outside. I opened the
door and...

On my blog, write a short story about what happened when I opened the door and walked
outside after the acid rain storm. To earn full points, I must write a story that is 8 – 10
sentences long.

My jaw drops, my eyes pop! Its silent, not a bird in sight. The trees are
scattered everywhere If you try to take a step you will stand on one. It’s a
spectacular view but a view you want to see in movies not in real life.There
are puddles everywhere they are the size of a lakes. As I stumble over to
the beach I see all the shells in the water that have died from the acid rain.
I am hoping this is a dream but I know it isn’t. I think good thing we were in
side! We all start to pick up the rubbish that wasn’t there before and we
think well this is what we are going to be doing for the next few days! :(
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  1. Hey Jess,

    I really enjoyed reading your story about the events that happened after the acid rain had stopped. You've included many small details which all work together to make your story seem very realistic, excellent work! It's horrible to hear that the acid rain has created such a big mess in your town but thankfully it didn't happen in real life. That's the beauty and adventure of creative writing, isn't it? You can take yourself and the people around you to the places and events that your imagination takes you to!

    Speaking of acid rain and natural disasters, have you ever experienced one before? I've experienced a few small earthquakes in my lifetime from different countries. Thankfully they were quite small so it wasn't too terrifying.

    Keep up the fantastic work,
    Evelyn :)

  2. Thanks for commenting I been in a few little earthquakes as well we felt the September Christchurch earthquake at about 3 or 4 as the Richter scale here at my house it spilt the milk on my farm but we did not feel the February one as much here from Christchurch it did not do that much damage. I was alive when they happened but I do not remember them. The one I do remember was the Kaikoura earthquake the year before last year here it was about a 3 in Richter scale.

    1. Hi Jess,

      You're very brave to have gone through earthquakes that strong. Auckland (where I live) is located very far from Christchurch so we didn't feel much, if anything at all, so I would be super nervous if I was in South Island at that time. I hope that no one was hurt and that everything was okay on your side after the earthquake hit.

      Take care,


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