Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wake up

We have bean learning to write a descriptive piece of writing and my goal was to use
speech marks and complex sentence.

Wake Up
Flick! On goes the lights. Zip Zip! There goes my curtains. “Too early” I say to myself. “Go
away mum”. “Wake me up on Saturday.” I’m sick “cofe cofe”

I feel like I had stayed up for 2 days and it is time to go to sleep. I stretch my hands above me
and feel my heir. It is a birds nest. I can not feel from my hips down to my toes But I can feel the
warmth coming from my dog and the blankets covering me.

As dad steps in I hide my face but he is not dumb dad says “get out of bed”.

I open and close my eyes and see the blere of light and turn my head and look out my window
and see tree. It was very dark.

Mum comes in again and yells “it has been five minutes get up.”

So I officially push my covers off and walk to the lounge like a ghost.

“Do I have to go to school?"

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